It’s the deep breath before the plunge

It seems fitting that my first post is about Mass Effect as it’s all I seem to be able to think about at the moment. I wrote this post several days before actually finishing the game to capture my anticipation, excitement and apprehension.

DATE: 28/12/2013

I’m stood on the edge of a precipice about to jump…I’m about to finish Mass Effect 3.

Yes, I know – I’m pretty damn late to this party. My love affair with the series only started very recently after several prompts from friends and family to play the goddamn thing and yeah, it’s amazing.

I’m not a lover of shooters – my aim is atrocious and I seem to end up emptying a round before finding my mark. I briefly played Mass Effect shortly after it was released but my terrible shooting meant I found it very frustrating and ended up ditching it for something else. I returned to the franchise some years later with Mass Effect 2 and the combination of uni holidays and improved combat (both in the game and personally) suddenly had me commanding the Normandy and feeling like a badass.

Of course, combat isn’t the reason I’m so deeply in love with the Mass Effect franchise. The narrative is so beautifully constructed with rich worlds and characters I just can’t say goodbye to. I’ve played and replayed 2 & 3 several times now but I can never bring myself to finish what I started and gut the bastards.

It’s become a bit of a running joke now – “Holly loves Mass Effect but she’s never finished the game!” – not anymore bosh’tet! By the end of 2013 I will have finished this game…and probably started a new playthrough straight away.

Commander Shepard, over and out.


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14 thoughts on “It’s the deep breath before the plunge

  1. I am a huge huge fan of Mass Effect. I never get tired of the story. I always play a soldier. I always play a Paragon. I always play default manShep. It still never ever ever gets old. It was difficult going through London before the last mission. I still have extremely fond memories of the characters. Mass Effect is the reason I still have my 360 after upgrading to my PS4.

    1. Same here! Paragon soldier but FemShep for me 🙂 I really want to play as ManShep to experience all the different character interactions. It really is a testament to the series that the Mass Effect community is still so strong.

  2. Good post!I am a fellow Mass Effect fan and it really makes me feel good to see people playing these games despite the fact that these are not the hottest games on the market. This also makes these games worth and a few years later people will have the reason to talk about it on par with Star Wars or other legendary sci-fi franchises. And I think the games themselves are the real deal, the road to the ending, to the ending itself. Its controversial, I know, but enjoying the story, the interactions with characters, the banters, watching Shepard dance and everyone making fun of him…

    1. Thanks! I really do believe it deserves to be mentioned alongside Star Wars et al. I’m pretty picky when it comes to sci-fi but Mass Effect pushed all the right buttons for me.

      It’s upsetting that the ending controversy has clouded such a fantastic series but the community is so wonderful and positive, it’s a joy to be part of it. Long live the Shepard dance!

  3. I was extremely late to the ME party as well, but that worked out well for me because I got to play all three in a row without naffing about waiting two to three years for each sequel! Some of my favourite games of all time. In fact, I might just start another play-through in the very near future thanks to this post. Keep up the great work, 😀

    1. Same here – I blasted through them in a few months! A part of me is sad I missed the excitement and build up to the releases (the wait for Skyrim was loooong but still kind of enjoyable!) but you can’t beat finishing one game and putting the next in the disk tray straight away.

  4. I always play renegade shep :]. I love being an asshole to everyone. It just seems like Shepard would be that way in real life. I don’t have time to stop for an interview I’m trying to save a galaxy.

      1. At least we got to punch the reporter [forgot her name], and I’ve opened fire a few times in Mass Effect 2 at some people. I love the renegade options that you have in part 2. Part 3 was lacking in that area unfortunately…

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