Dying to get back to Westeros: Game of Thrones Season 4

WARNING: Season 1 – 3 spoilers below, but come on – get your backside in gear and watch ’em! 🙂

It feels like an age since I was in Westeros, hell I’m even missing Joffrey’s smug little face. But I know with HBO and Game of Thrones that my patience will be rewarded and here is the prize.

In true HBO style they’ve got some hard hitting scenes and some spine tingling one liners. Jamie Lannister’s: “The war’s not won” is definitely my favourite. You hear that JOFF? Really what I’m most excited about is seeing if Jorah is going to change his filthy old shirt – come on Dany – you’ve got these lovely gowns and Jorah’s still wandering about in a sweat stained rag! But I digress.

Season 3 was…pretty intense to say the least. True to form we lost a lot of beloved characters as George R. R. Martin twisted the knife he stuck in our backs in Season 1 round and round. I know a few people who were completely devastated by the loss of Robb et al and I really hope they don’t give up on the story because of it.

Having read the books, I knew what was coming, but I wasn’t prepared to actually see it… and it did hurt. I remember the complete shock of reading the Red Wedding but seeing it was a whole different ball game and I have to applaud Benioff and Weiss for making me squirm.

GoT outlookWith Season 3 still fresh in my mind, I spent a week in Croatia last year seeking out the filming locations and was blown away by how wonderfully accessible they were.  We managed to bag a small apartment within the Old Town itself; waking up every morning knowing I was inside the city walls – INSIDE KINGS LANDING – was an absolute dream come true.

I’ll definitely be writing a post soon about my adventures there with all the locations I found and some tips if you’re looking at visiting Dubrovnik too.

If there’s anyone out there who’s unsure if they want to continue watching – please don’t give up on this show – it’s these twists and turns that make it so wonderful, so absorbing and so incredibly worth sticking with. I don’t know where GRRM is taking us but it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

For now, I’ll sit tight and count the days until April 7th.

How are you feeling about Season 4? Nervous, excited, terrified? 

5 thoughts on “Dying to get back to Westeros: Game of Thrones Season 4

  1. I watched season 1 and I read through the first 3 or 4 books. I just couldn’t stand the way he was developing the characters. I had to stop. It wasn’t my style and it was becoming a chore to read. However, I understand how good the twists and shockers are.

    1. That’s cool – it’s not going to be for everyone! There are times when I’ve been really frustrated by the pace or characters but there was enough to keep me hooked in.

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