Are you sitting comfortably?

dinosI guess I’d better set the scene for anyone who might have stumbled across this humble little corner of the internet. Here is where I write about stories – stories that have consumed me as a child and an adult and stories that continue to draw me in to their worlds.

It all started around the age of 3 when I discovered dinosaurs. I’m reliably informed that I could recite the names of 40 dinos without breaking a sweat and I’d amassed an impressive collection of toys to boot. My dad took me to see Jurassic Park in the cinema (yep, 3 years old) and I didn’t cry, yeah!

Can you imagine sharing this world with an Allosaurus? What about a Mamenchisaurus or Diplodocus? 231.4 million years ago these giant creatures roamed the earth – it blew my tiny baby mind. It still does.

Then I discovered Star Wars….

star wars moisture vaporatorI was about 7 when I first remember seeing A New Hope – I don’t recall the exactly what attracted me to the trilogy as a child (it probably had a lot to do with Princess Leia wearing a dress and shooting bad guys) but I fell head first into the Star Wars universe and never really surfaced. I have a fairly interesting collection of Star Wars merchandise which I’ll give its own post at some point but collecting the figures, cards, dolls, anything I could get my hands on was like a drug.  I wrote out a script for the beginning of ‘A New Hope’ and persuaded my friends at school to act it out with me – I played with my Han and Leia dolls in a barbie kitchen – I made stop motion animation movies with my star wars figures. I was in deep.

I’ve never stopped loving Star Wars, it’ll always be closely linked to my childhood (and I’m still desperate to get my hands on a Rancor doll!) and a couple of years ago I finally made it to Tunisia to visit some of the filming locations. The 8 year old inside me was bouncing off the walls – I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear. I’ll certainly be dedicating a whole post to my Tunisian excursion so keep an eye out for that!

Star Wars really was the gateway into my ‘adult’ loves: The Elder Scrolls, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect etc. It showed me how you could be transported into an entirely different universe with its own rules, characters, religions and turmoil and the thrill of leaving this world for another.

What were your childhood loves – anyone else spend too much time in a galaxy far, far away?

2 thoughts on “Are you sitting comfortably?

  1. I didn’t get deep into Star Wars until I jumped in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Its a bioware product, so you know the storylines are top notch. But it also made me realize what a wonderful universe Star Wars is. I still have miniature replica’s the luke’s and obi wan’s lightsabers and a statue of Darth Malgus (from SWTOR) that came with my SWTOR collector’s edition.

    If you are looking for video games with seriously good storylines, check out some of the Assassin’s Creed titles. The gameplay is tight and fun, but the storylines and characters are well done, and as an added bonus, almost completely historically accurate.

    1. I’ve never played SWTOR but it comes highly recommended whenever I hear about it!

      Big fan of Assassin’s Creed, especially Black Flag which has blown me away. I didn’t play III as I’m really not into that time period but everything else has been incredibly enjoyable.

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