Top 3 most devastating deaths…right in the feels

 It’s one of the perils of fiction – the risk of serious emotional turmoil when it comes to loosing some of your favourite characters.

I thought I’d shared my top 3 devastating deaths, cause y’know that’s a really cheerful read.

3). Théoden, King of Rohan – Lord of the Rings

Théoden is a kick ass dude and one of my absolute favourite characters. This guys’s had a rough ride and almost lost his kingdom to Saruman (yay for Gandalf).

Théoden was the first guy that wasn’t too caught up in politics or pride to listen to some reason and see that bad stuff was gonna happen real soon. I firmly believe Helm’s Deep was a mistake “Hey cavalry is our strength lets hold up here” (yes the book and the film differ massively but this point is still relevant!) but I can forgive him for that based on his amazing speech at Pelennor Fields

Aside from the fact that Bernard Hill plays the part wonderfully, I was gutted to lose this character from the story.

2). Jeor Mormont – A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones

I couldn’t write this list without mentioning ASOIAF/Game of Thrones. 223 deaths in first 3 books and Jeor’s hit me the hardest.

What about the Red Wedding!? I hear you cry. Well, Robb was cool and all…and I really did believe he could challenge the Lannister hold but he did muck it up, royally (heh). He won the war on the battlefield and lost it in the bedroom.

But anyway, Jeor. He was the one hope I had on The Wall – the symbol of what it meant to be in the Night’s Watch before thieves and criminals were sent there. “Too many years, Tarly, too many hundreds and thousands of years. We lost sight of the true enemy. And now he’s here, but we don’t know how to fight him.”

He’s a dude and he didn’t deserve to die in Craster’s stinking hut with a dagger in his belly.

1). Mordin Solus – Mass Effect 2 & 3

Shepard, please. My project, my work, my cure. My responsibility. Would have liked to run tests on the seashells.

GOD DAMN WHO’S CUTTING ONIONS IN HERE!? ;_; Priority: Tuchanka is my favourite and most dreaded mission of Mass Effect 3 and I’m sure I’m not alone.

If you didn’t love this scientist salarian (he’s studied species turian, asari and batarian) well, you’re wrong. Mordin Solus was the most interesting, unexpected and adorable crew mate of the entire series. Who knew a salarian could be such a badass?

You get the picture – I LOVE MORDIN – and I honestly had to stop playing for a while after this mission. I know there’s a way to save him but it comes at such a huge moral cost…and it’s not what he wanted anyway…Mordinnnn WHYYYYY?

Sorry if that’s stirred up any dormant feels – come on, hit me with your worst deaths.


One thought on “Top 3 most devastating deaths…right in the feels

  1. Good list!

    I definitely got misty eyed when Mordin died. That was a tough scene to watch. “I am a scientist Salarian…”

    I’d say Ned dying in Game of Thrones would be pretty high up there for me in Game of Thrones. That was shocking and devastating the first time I saw it. I had read the books by the time Jeor died (and the Red Wedding), so they lost a little of the shock value.

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