A toast to the Mass Effect universe

Inspired by Citadel DLC and Traynor’s description of various cocktails alongside Save Game’s recipe suggestions we decided to actually give them a try. For this test we enlisted the help of a fellow Spectre agent only known as ‘Dom’ (my brother!)

Glyph had his bow tie on, we set the party to “Energetic” and had Techo Turian running as background music.

We only managed to find ingredients for 5 of the cocktails listed: Mordin’s Seaside Sunrise, Thane’s Neck Snap, Liara’s Shadowbrokertini, Javik’s The Enkidler and Wrex’s Quad-Kicker.

Mordin’s ‘Seaside Sunrise’

1 oz Mango juice
3/4 oz Mandarin juice (from tinned mandarins)
Strawberry & lime cider

We all really enjoyed this cocktail, it was a good starter with lots of fruit and easy to make. We couldn’t taste too much booze in it although the original Save Game recipe mentioned using Mandarin liquer (which we couldn’t find at Asda).

We thought the juices were a perfectly good alternative and still provided all the tastes mentioned in the original recipe.

Holly: 7/10   Hayden: 7/10   Dom: 8/10

Thane’s ‘Neck Snap’

3/4 oz Coconut Rum
1/2 oz Melon liquer
1/2 oz Blue Curacao
Fill with pineapple juice

This cocktail looked AWESOME – the perfect shade of green for Thane…but we were a little disappointed in the taste.

The cocktail had no fizz and we thought it could do with a little – the amount of pineapple juice in the cocktail gave it a strange texture.

We added some lemonade which improved its score to 5/10 across the board and we decided that a smaller glass would also be better.

We could imagine drinking this on a summer day would be pleasent but otherwise, not too great. Sorry Thane, don’t break our necks.

Holly: 4/10   Hayden: 3/10   Dom: 3/10

Liara’s ‘Shadowbrokertini’

1/2 oz Scotch Whiskey
3/4 oz Blue Curacao
1/4 oz lime juice
Champagne or lemonade to fill
Blueberries to garnish

By the Goddess! We loved this one – much sweeter than whiskey alone and very drinkable. We didn’t use champagne (we lost our credit chit in the shop) but it was good with lemonade and the blueberries just topped the whole thing off.

High scores across the board from all three of us – we’ll definitely be making this again some time soon.

Holly: 9/10   Hayden: 10/10   Dom: 9/10

Javik’s ‘The Enkindler’

1 oz Cherry brandy
3/4 oz Scotch whiskey
1/3 oz lemon juice
Cola to fill

This cocktail isn’t much to look at but it’s bloody delicious. Imagine Cherry cola but slightly sour (like fizzy sweets) and you’re almost there.

We think it’d be best served in a small glass with plenty of ice. Sweet, easy to drink with a gentle kick.

Well, we have to hand it to you Javik. In your cycle the drinks we’re pretty good. Us primitives are in awe.

Holly: 9/10  Hayden: 9/10   Dom: 10/10

Wrex’s ‘Quad-Kicker’
10 ml Bourbon
10ml Spiced Rum
10ml Ginger ale

We didn’t get a picture of this – it’s basically a slightly yellowish liquid in a shot glass so not that photogenic! Save Game’s recipe suggested adding curry powder but we we don’t have the quads for that. This was a great little shot and not as dangerous as it might sound, in fact it smelt a lot scarier than it tasted!

Holly: 10/10   Hayden: 8/10   Dom: 10/10

ERROR: cannot reach consensus

With the Shadowerbrokertini, The Enkindler and the Quad-Kicker all scoring 28/30 we looked back at our notes and we just couldn’t pick a clear winner – each of us had a favourite which shows the wide range of flavours.

Guess you’ll just have to try them for yourself.


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