Crafting a world: Minecraft on Xbox 360

Most video games take you to a world created by others, Minecraft puts the power in your hands.

I play the Xbox 360 version and as much as I’d love to play the PC version I just can’t afford to join the Master Race. I often play with my brother and fellow ‘In Other Worlds’ author Hayden and we tend to work on big creative projects together. They’re not wondrous like some amazing builds you’ll see after a quick Google search but they’re humble and charming and we have a lot of fun.

Projects currently on the go are:

A small Romano-Britain settlement with aspects of central Rome. We’re struggling with block textures at the moment – we’re looking to build a very Nero inspired settlement with gleaming marble but sadly we can’t quite find the right blocks. Perhaps one of the newer texture packs will help solve this problem for us.

We recently got Jungles in TU12 so this was a must – we decided to build ourselves an adventure map so we split up and made step pyramids, secret caves, wrecked ships and hidden villages for us all to discover in Survival mode.

We also made James Town where we’ve started our game – we are intrepid explorers!

This was our first big project build which we started just before TU9 (we were so happy when spawn eggs were added so we could populate the city!) We have several pyramids, lots of houses and shops, a market, a barracks, a royal palace, a bath house…and a brothel.

Mass Effect
With TU12 came mash-up packs and when the N7 Mass Effect texture pack was added we couldn’t resist starting it. We’re struggling with the tension between the amazing blocks and the generated landscape – can we have a space biome please?

Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth
This was a challenge. It took 3 of us 2 hours to get the base of Isengard right but we’re proud nonetheless. Now the build height limit has been increased we’re considered modifying it substantially. So far we have: Hobbiton, Edoras (see below), Isengard, Minas Tirith, Helms Deep and Barad-dûr. Ideally I’d like to add Rivendell but goddamn those block textures, nothing is quite elven enough.

After finishing a few key locations on this map we had quite a lot of fun running from one to the next as warriors – holing up for the night in Helm’s Deep as creepers and zombies attacked was particularly joyous.

We’ll be expanding on our Minecraft works and sharing our progress. We’d love to see yours too! Please do send us any links to your worlds


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