REVIEW: Funko Pop! Vinyl figures – Mass Effect

Back in January I found myself browsing through and their fine wares. I’ve become a lot more selective in my collecting recently and I’ve only bought the items I really want rather than just buying the whole lot. Pay day was on the horizon and the money was already burning a hole in my pocket when I stumbled across the Mass Effect Funko Pop! figures. They were up for pre-order only but I knew I had to have at least one of them.

Fast forward to mid-March and the postman knocked on my door with my favourite delivery of the year so far!

NOTE: I paid £2.99 for 2nd class delivery (UK) and the package arrived 2 days after the dispatch email. This could be just my local Royal Mail posties being badass though.

Garrus & Grunt are now onboard the Normandy

The figures were slightly smaller than I expected but damn, they are so cute.

There are currently 5 characters on offer; Garrus, Grunt, Bro-Shep, Miranda & Tali.
My cursor hovered over all the characters (ok, not Shepard so much, Fem-Shep all the way!) but I finally added Garrus & Grunt to my squad for this mission.

I decided not to get Tali for a few reasons:

A) I already have a DC Comics Tali figure
B) Tali’s eyes appear to be raised from her helmet, I’m worried it might look strange
C) I figured if I do want more I’ll get Miranda & Tali next and it’ll save on postage!


Garrus Vakakrian – code name Archangel. All round Turian bad boy & dispenser of justice in an unjust galaxy. Men want to hang with him, women want to have awkward conversations about interspecies romance.

This figure is pretty cool – the paint job is neat and in keeping with the character from the series. His armour is obviously missing the trademark Turian collar which makes him a little strange to look at  but I think the visor and facial markings makes up for it. You can see this figure’s visor has a small mark on it but it’s just fluff on the underside.

His head moves 360 degrees but the rest of his limbs are fixed in place. The Mantis is also very secure and not flimsy – I can’t see it breaking or falling out of his hands. He’s also incredibly secure when stood up, no wobbles or unevenness.

As much as I love Garrus, Grunt wins in terms of quality for me.

The figure moulding is really impressive. Grunt’s armour is wonderfully detailed, especially from behind and the paint job really is very neat and tidy. There are only a couple of slips where it could do with a touch up when you take a really close look.
None of Grunt’s limbs move and again, he’s really easy to stand up without any wobbles or unevenness.

On the whole, I’m really impressed with these figures and I’ll definitely be expanding my collection with Mass Effect and Game of Thrones characters – I’ve got my eye on a Queen Amidala one too!

For anyone curious, I was also pleased with the service from –
I chose to shop with .com rather than as far as I can tell, they’re the original company from which the  aka Forbidden Planet International is the split off firm. My local FP store is a FPI but as these figures were on back order I needed to buy online.

Anyone else started a Funko Pop! collection recently? Which are your favourite figures?


3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Funko Pop! Vinyl figures – Mass Effect

  1. As much as I love Mass Effect, I have not picked up any of these Funko Pop figures yet. I might wait and see if they release more in the future. I would particularly be interested in a Liara one or maybe a FemShep. The only Funko figure that I have so far is Ghost to go along with my little House Stark collection!

    1. I was really sceptical at first but I’m glad I got them! Agreed, a Liara one is much needed and I really hope they continue with this series of figures.

      Very jealous of your Ghost – I’ve got my eyes on Tywin, Cersei and Brienne for my next purchase.

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