MERCH REVIEW: Minecraft Diamond necklace

Glorious, glorious diamond!

There’s no better feeling than hitting your first Diamond vein in a new game of Minecraft and now I can keep it forever. It was also dirt cheap & I didn’t have to walk around lava to get it, bonus!

My image is flipped but you can see how closely the necklace matches a diamond from the game – slightly less detailed on some of the pixels but there’s no mistaking it if you’re a miner and/or crafter.

The chain is fairly long and good quality – I haven’t noticed any discolouration or weakness in the links although some reviews of the item say otherwise. Maybe I just got lucky.

You can grab your own gem from for just under £12 but they’re also available on Amazon or Ebay for a similar price.

Do you have any favourite Minecraft merch? Do share! 


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