[GoT S04E02 Spoilers] Good riddance, your Grace

Oh, how we’ve waited for this day.

Joffrey Baratheon, First of his name. King of the Andals and of the Rhoynar and of the First Men. Lord of the Seven Kingdom’s and protector of the realm. Bastard son of an incestuous relationship and all round knob.

Ever since reading ASoIaF I’ve been looking forward to seeing Joff’s downfall brought to the screen. Despite any arguments over which House is better or who should sit on the throne we were all united in our hatred for dear old King Joffrey and his death was perfect.

Great leaders deserve great deaths – heroic acts or unjust betrayals.

Robb was spectacularly betrayed and cut down in his prime – Jeor took a dagger to the back trying to save everyone – Ned tried to expose the corruption of the capital and met the steely blade of a sword. Joffrey sipped on his wine on his wedding day and fell down stone dead. Whilst we all might have liked to have seen Joffrey really suffer, he didn’t deserve the attention. The King was so weak he could simply be poisoned at his dinner table.

As much as I’ve hated you, we’ve had some good times right? When Tyrion slapped your smug little chops, that turd you took the face – good ol’ Lady chowing down on your arm.

So take a bow, Jack Gleeson – you’ve been absolutely fantastic and actually, I’m going to kinda miss you.

So, how are you feeling after the ‘purple wedding’? Let’s talk! 


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