Bookworm Recommends – Blood Red Snow


Recommended for: First hand account of combat in the second world war

Studying Military History allowed me to indulge my passion and get to grips with history on an academic level but it’s nice to get away from the thick statistics sometimes to actually get an idea of what it must have been like to be a solider in some of these wars.

Blood Red Snow by G Koschorrek was exactly what I was looking for. This book has been put together from the memoirs of a common German solider fighting on the eastern front during WW2. The book is non-political, a fair easy read (occasional German terms which are explained in the foot notes) and does a pretty good job of painting a picture of what it was like for the common solider day to day in the war. The book tells the story of the solider all the way from the completion of his basic training to the German surrender in Germany taking the reader to the battle of Stalingrad all the way back to the Balkans and Germany. I really enjoyed this book and I would highly recommend it to anybody interested in WW2 history, its easily available online at a fairly cheap price.




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