An Ace Race: Khajiit

M’aiq the liar in Skyrim

Khajiit – Elder Scrolls Series

The Khajiit are the walking, talking cat folk of the Elder Scrolls series. Originating from the tropical province of Elsweyr in Tamriel these sly cats are my absolute favorite race of sneaky rogues. I always thought that the idea of intelligent cats was genius, if you have a cat you will know that they can be very sly, sneaky and dangerous…

The Khajiit face a great deal of prejudice and discrimination in the world of Tamriel, often considered a lesser beast race they are treated with a great deal of suspicion often considered to be thieves. Ironically this prejudice actually tends to push the Khajiit down the path of crime and with their natural sneaky ability, as well as their ability to see in the dark they make fantastic thieves and assassins. A further racial ability the Khajiit have is claws which grants bonus damage in unarmed combat. This might sound pretty useless but I always found it satisfying to batter down armed and armoured opponents with my bare hand.

‘The Khajiit face a great deal of prejudice and discrimination in the world of Tamriel’

In the latest entry of the game series – Skyrim – the Khajiit only get better. Although only a few feature in the game the visual design of them is excellent as well as the voice acting which really helps them seem more unique and animalistic. Despite only being few and far between two of my favorite characters in the game are Khajiit – J’zargo the arrogant and competitive mage of Winterhold College and M’aiq the liar who has been a running easter egg character throughout the series.

With the Khajiit being considered a lesser race they always offer an interesting opportunity for role playing. With guards making sly comments when you walk by its all the more tempting to become a rogue, besides nobody expects the talking cat to be heroic right? Although this is an aspect I like I imagine the mere appearance of the Khajiit may be enough to put most people off playing as one, all I can really say is that they are versatile, pretty much being very capable in every field with the exception of magic. Fingers crossed that the next Elder Scrolls game is set in Elsweyr so we can see even more of the Khajiit and their beautiful sounding home.

Although the Khajiit are my favorite Elder Scrolls race I still love all the other races of the series, especially the Argonians. How about you? Who were your favorite race of Tamriel?

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