Character appreciation: Aria T’Loak

There’s only one rule. Don’t fuck with the Pirate Queen.

..unless you’re Mordin šŸ˜‰

Sorry Liara, but Aria T’Loak is my favourite Asari in the entire Mass Effect series. The de facto ruler of Omega, the nominal capital of the Terminus Systems, is ruthless, cold and fiercely protective of her space station.

Aria started life on Omega as an exotic dancer in the Afterlife Club, using this as cover she killed the owner and built new alliances, consolodating her power before over-throwing the Krogan in charge of the station. Ruling Omega with an iron fist, Aria sees all, hears all and demands loyalty. With centuries of experience she is an expert in bargaining and reading body language. You know Aria is dangerous the moment you meet her; her nonchalent lounging, challenging tone & furrowed brow shows she means business and gives no quarter.

Aria is a badass.

I love to see female characters that aren’t overly sexualised or made “manly” in order to be powerful. As a woman I’m very aware that video games are still considered a pursuit of men – I know I’m going to encounter women in games who are designed to be pleasing to the straight, male gamers eyes…and that’s totally ok. But when every character I meet has large breasts and fluttery eyelashes it gets a bit wearing, y’know? I’m sure there are plenty of straight, male gamers who grow weary of this too.

I don’t want my FemShep to feel like one of the only badasses in the universe without inflated tits and a peachy arse.

The main Asari characters we meet are often very feminine with accentuated female assetts (Liara’s breasts definitely increase in size as the series continues and well…you’ve seen Samara & Benezia) and whilst these characters are still very cool, your encounters with them are dominated by the overwhelming sexual nature of their appearance. With Aria, you just want to know what plans she has in motion.

All hail the Pirate Queen.

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