Blog update: In other countries

Well, things have been a little quiet over here on In Other Worlds, we’ve been in other countries!

I’m currently sat on the train from Stockholm, Sweden to Oslo, Norway as I type is…but more on that later.

First up, Hayden and I headed north to bonnie Scotland for Bannockburn Live – a 2 day celebration marking the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn where King Robert the Bruce smashed Edward II of England’s army. The event promised food stalls, a living history camp, live music and a reenactment by people from across Scotland and the rest of the world.

I expected a lot from Bannockburn Live! and whilst I had a really good time it felt like two separate events. The 1314 camp was full of the excitement and enthusiasm – the sights and smells of the time I’ve become accustomed to at these history fairs whereas the food stalls and music stage had lost some of this magic. Granted, it took an hour to queue for food which is completely ridiculous so people probably weren’t in the best of spirits but this is BAD planning on the organisers part.

The battle reenactment was excellent, a few things went wrong as it was the first public performance of the day but the compere was spot on and the reenactors looked to be having a right laugh.

Look out for our highlights in a blog real soon.

A note from Stockholm.

Wow – what a beautiful city, London sucks. Stockholm is an archipelago (thanks Minecraft!) lots of smaller islands close together surrounded by canals or waterways. The air is clean and fresh, the city is bustling but doesn’t feel stressed out and the transport is so efficient. We only stayed in Stockholm for 2 full days but we’ve packed in so much!

Highlights include the Vasa, a 17th century war ship found almost completely in tact in the Baltic Sea. It is the greatest ship I’ve ever seen – 25 gun ports either side over 2 decks, carvings of some of Rome’s most well know emporers, lions, Swedish kings – I can’t do it justice with words alone. They say land archaeology has Tutannkhamuns burial chamber and sea archaeology has the Vasa. It is breathtaking (and was the inspiration for Davy Jones’ ship in PotC)

Aifur viking restaurant is a history lovers fantasy come to life. Kitted out as a Viking food hall complete with longboat on the ceiling and authentic cutlery and bowls/cups this place was the real deal. There was the faintest smell of Jorvik Viking Centre (you’ll know the one if you’ve visited it in York) but the food and drink was excellent. A little pricey but worth every penny for one of my favourite holiday memories of all time.


Now we head to Norway for fjords, more vikings and more beautiful countryside. I’ll have plenty of photos and plenty of tips for anyone looking to plan a visit themselves.

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