Blog update: The Dragonborn Comes

We drink to our youth, for the days come and gone, for the Age of Oppression is now nearly done.
We’ll drive out the a empire from this land that we own, with our blood and our steel we will take back our home.

I am truly in the land of Skyrim.

Here’s another blog from another train journey as I say goodbye to Oslo and ‘Hej!’ to Bergen. Naturally, the Skyrim soundtrack is blasting out my headphones (with a bit of LotR for good measure). Here’s what I can see out of the window now…


…and you know Shadowmere could climb aaaaallll of those.

Sheer cliffs, rolling hills, rushing waters, glassy lakes – I think I’ve fallen a little bit in love with Norway and I can’t quite shake the feeling that around every corner we turn I’ll see Whiterun or an Ancient Nord temple. Was that a giant in those trees?


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