Bookworm Recomends – World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

Don’t let the poor movie adaptation scare you away


Recommended for: A WORLDWIDE zombie outbreak – not just USA

I love zombies, they are probably my favorite enemy in both game and film media. Although zombies themselves are of course pretty scary and a great threat they are not the scariest aspect of a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. The scariest aspect of zombies is the complete collapse of civilization and the tearing apart of society they cause which leads the everyday human survivors to extreme acts in their desperate fight to survive. Although most zombie stories revolve around one group of individuals this book has a much wider scope involving people from all over the world, this makes it stand out from the crowd.

World War Z by Max Brooks is about a world wide zombie apocalypse originating from China and eventually spreading across the globe. The book is compromised of fictional interviews with survivors of the outbreak about how they survived. I found this fresh method of telling the story to be an excellent way to include people from all over the globe without confusing the reader or making them feel detached from the terrifying reality of what was happening. Rather than following one character and desperately trying to get them involved in every aspect of the outbreak this means that Brooks had the freedom to jump all over the world to people of different roles and professions then abandon that character unless they had anything of greater significance to add to the plot that needed revisiting. This also helps make the book feel more real as it’s not told from the first person and each character brings something different, be it a horrifying story of personal tragedy or a stony face giving an account of government strategy.

As mentioned above the thing that really makes this book special is the inclusion of the entire globe rather than just the usual USA. Before i read this book the closest thing that i ever really came across which focused on zombies outside of the US was 28 days later and although I do like this film it never really blew me away. Although much of WWZ is focused on the US I can forgive this as it also includes countries from every continent with almost every country in the world at least getting a passive mention with enough content to give the reader a great deal of fuel for the imagination.

I highly recommend this book to all zombie fans or even just fans of war stories in general, its easily available and fairly cheap and although its not a particularly long book its well worth the read.




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