An ode to Skyrim – Malukah

If you hadn’t guessed already, I’ve had a pretty Skyrim intense holidsy what with visiting Sweden and Norway for 9 days.

Of course, the home of the norse heavily influenced my music choices and a I’ve had a few of Malukah’s covers on repeat. While I love original scores and instrumentals from Skyrim you can’t beat a piece of music that you can sing along with…and it’s really hard to remember the Dragon Tongue words to Skyrim’s main theme!

Malukah has taken the songs of the bards across Skyrim and reworked them into acoustic beauties. Where the in game bards would belt these out in rough tones Malukah brings a more sombre note to the tracks with just enough hope that you can imagine it being sung in a quiet tavern.

My personal favorite is her reworking if ‘Age of Oppression’ – I’m not a diehard Stormcloak and quite frankly, Ulfric is a dick but the drums that kicks in around 1:20 are so atmospheric I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.



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