LotR: War in the North – game breaker is a deal breaker

I’m gutted.

As a treat to myself I picked up a copy of LotR War in the north after exhausting my co-op game options with Hayden & my brother. Both of them had already got their copies and all that was needed info complete our adventuring trio was a third copy for me.

All went well at first, my brother & I tried out the first level – he as the dwarf and myself as the elf – it was pretty fun and actually one of the better co-op games I’ve experienced in terms of mechanics and individual player freedom. Great! We took a break and waited for Hayden to scoff his tea and get online. As I exited my game it froze on the loading screen – no bother, I thought, hitting the Xbox button…no response. Well, the ol’ gal freezes up from time to time. I switched it off and thought no more.

Loading up the game again with all three of us online we were all very excited to finally have a new co-op game, and LotR at that! Over the next two hours War in the North completely froze my Xbox 8 times. That is unacceptable. Even the times it did load the map would not render correctly and I feel through the floor on repeat for a good 5 mins.

Taking to the internet I found I wasn’t the only one to experience this and these were old problems – posts from 2011 were everywhere. I’d already downloaded the latest patch so why had these problems not been addressed in the 3 years since their discovery?

More to the point, how were such game breaking bugs ever allowed to leave the studio?

Perhaps it was my Xbox – well I doubt it – it hadn’t frozen this consistently, well, ever. Last freeze was only a game freeze when a session of CivRev had got particularly out of hand.

The internet suggested new copies & clearing the cache but few had had success with either method and at the end of the day this isn’t my problem to fix. I’m well used to bugs and accepting that things can’t be absolutely perfect…there’s always something that could be better or has slipped through but game breakers are deal breakers.

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