An Ace Race: The Quarians

Admirals of the Quarian Fleet

I love all the species in the Mass effect series – even the humans, however for me the absolute favorite has got to be the nomadic Quarians.

The Quarians are a race of humanoids who were ejected from their home world – Rannoch by their rogue AI creations called the Geth. The Quarians now live in the migrant fleet, a huge fleet of spaceships that carry their entire race across the starts as they dream of retaking their long lost home.

Although some may consider this story a little tired (especially those who like Battlestar Galactica) I really like the way the Quarians have adapted to their new space faring existence. After a prolonged period living aboard the migrant fleet their immune systems have greatly weakened meaning that they have been forced to wear environmental suits to protect themselves from sickness. This is one of the central themes of the quarians and probably the thing that makes them such an interesting race.

The suits have become central to the culture of the Quarians and a symbol of their existence.

(As well as looking beautiful and very cool of course) The Quarians live most of their lives trapped inside cramped, overpopulated ships but they also rely on the migrant fleet for survival and protection and their suits mirror this. The suits act as a prison to the Quarians with each individual being tapped in their suit and depending on it for survival. Sharing the environment of their suit is considered one of the most intimate acts of Quarian society, barely showing their faces to anyone outside their race this adds to the mystery of the Quarians. It certainly had me desperate to see the face of a Quarian – more specifically my love interest Tali’s – throughout the series. Although the ultimate reveal was a little disappointing it did nothing to blunt my love for this beautiful tech-savvy race.

I always felt a deep sympathy for the Quarians, even more so than for the Krogan of the Mass Effect series (victims of genocide). Although it cannot be denied that the Quaians are entirely to blame for their situation it is non the less tragic, their entire race is condemned for the actions of those that pursued the development of AI.

Everywhere the Quarians go they are shunned by the other races of the series

Often considered a pest some even refer to the Quarians as ‘suit rats’ due to their scavenging nature. With the galactic community rejecting them and their situation being so desperate its not surprising that the Quarians are so focused on retaking their lost home world and trying to rekindle hope for the future of their species. A hope embodied in their phrase ‘Keelah se’lai’ which roughly translated means – By the home world I hope to see one day.


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