REVIEW: Funko Pop! Vinyl figures – Game of Thrones

Here we are again with another quick review of Funko Pop! figures from Game of Thrones. If you’re a ME fan, check out my review of the Mass Effect Funko Pop! figures here.

As I promised myself, I expanded my Funko collection with two new figures from the worldwide phenomenom, Game of Thrones. Tywin I bought for myself in store at Forbidden Planet and The Hound came packaged up with a bow on top for my birthday.

Both characters measure just short of 10cm/4 inches and stand on their own without a problem and even when on a shelf the fine details are distinguishable. I’m really impressed with the paint jobs – the metals are shiny, the lines are tidy and the details on the armour are spot on. You can see below that there is some damage to The Hound’s head which I’m fairly certain wasn’t my fault. Tywin also has some glue marks and fine lines around his head. Sometimes you just get unlucky with these figures. Both are really sturdy and stand with ease – no wobbles or uneven footing. Neither characters’ limbs move but that’s nothing new with Funko Pop!

The Hound’s sword is made of a softer plastic which bends easily but so far has retained its shape very well. The burn on his face isn’t too overdone – just enough that you can name him on sight. You can see that the painting of the face isn’t the crispest especially where the burn meets the hair.

My only gripe with Tywin is the colour of his hair, it’s much greyer than Charles Dance’s on the show which makes him less immediately identifiable than The Hound. His armour on the other hand is excellent – great details and a good paint job.


Again, I’m one happy customer and I have a feeling I’ll be needing more shelves soon to store all these guys! Next up, Brienne, Ygritte and maybe Joffrey just for the tiny crossbow.

What does your Funko Pop! collection look like? Which characters do you want to collect?


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