The climb is all there is: Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia

“The climb is all there is.”

Littlefinger’s words echoed in my head as I continued to put one foot in front of the other. Climbing Dubrovnik’s Old Town walls is no mean feat in the baking sun and by the time I’ve reached the top I feel like Daenerys must’ve after crossing the Red Waste (a bit sweaty and in need of a drink).

This is where my quest begins to find the small pockets of Westeros amongst the tourists groups and tat shops and if this first day is anything to go by I’ll be leaving Croatia with the rock hard thighs of a nerd-god.

NOTE: seriously, there are A LOT of steps in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, wear comfortable shoes and don’t skimp on the sun cream.

Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia

It’s beautiful, it really is and it’s a very honest beauty. It feels untouched by tourist mania despite the wandering groups and sunburnt shoulders. There are tat shops selling the usual gifts but they’re set back in beautiful buildings and on snaking side streets…and actually, I found some real little treats amongst the sailor hats and fridge magnets.


Croatia has just joined the EU but there are no immediate plans to change the currency (and it would be a long process). We took some Euros but didn’t need them for any specific things – there are however lots of shops that accept euros so if the exchange rate is good it could be worth bringing a small amount.

Food & Drink
There are lots of restaurants dotted about with plenty of staff hoping to tempt you in. We had a self-catering apartment  but we ate out almost every night simply because everything was so tasty. Most reports mentioned that the Old Town was much more expensive than the rest of Croatia but compared to the UK we found it very reasonable. Italian & Dalmation cuisine are most widely on offer so if you’re not a big foodie you’re sure to find a safe margherita pizza. There’s a few small supermarkets outside the Old Town walls too in case you do fancy buying a giant jar of nutella.

Everything GoT related in the Old Town area is in comfortable walking distance of one another (but like I said, bring good shoes and sun cream!) There are really regular boats to ferry you across to Lokrum too – an island just off the coast where a number of scenes were filmed.


Key Locations:

+ Dubrovnik Old Town city walls
+ Fort Lovrijenac – just outside the Old Town
+ Lokrum – picturesque island 30 mins boat ride from Dubrovnik Old Town
+ Beach just outside the Old Town





11th Century Benedictine Monastery which double as Qarth



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