An Ace Race: Blood Elves

Blood Elves – Warcraft

Most people will probably roll their eyes when they read ‘elves’. Elves are usually portrayed as an immortal super race with unmatched affinity to nature or magic and although the Blood elves do share these aspects they have a darker streak…

The Blood Elves were not always known by this name, they were originally called High Elves but this all changed when the death knight Arthas lead the undead Scourge into their homeland Quel’thalas. Arthas and his undead minions wiped almost the entire High Elf race out, including their king and desecrated their greatest treasure The Sunwell. The surviving elves fraught with despair and rage renamed themselves the Blood Elves.

This is where the elves began to change into what makes them so cool and unique amongst elven fantasy races.

The Blood Elves have a natural addiction to magic, as the High Elves this addition was sated by the constant outpouring of magic from the Sunwell. With this source of magic destroyed however the Blood Elves became desperate as their addiction began to kill them or turn them to madness. Despite all of this the Blood elves still tried to honor their obligations to the alliance, marching what was left of their military to the aid of the human only to be met by racism and a further attempt of genocide. In their desperation the Blood Elves turned to fell demonic magic to sate their thirst leading their once beautiful and pure people down a path of twisted corruption.

It is this double sided nature of the Blood Elves which really draws me to them and it is wonderfully reflected throughout their world.

For example their symbol is a phoenix, a creature known for to be reborn from the ashes but with the destructive power of fire. Even the elves themselves reflect their double sided nature, they appear as beautiful beings (the females are sexualised to point where it is almost laughable) however their eyes glow green with fell energy and those who succumb to their addictions turn into foul mutated forms called the wretched. The eastern side of their capital Silvermoon city has been restored with (in my opinion) the most beautiful architecture in Azeroth full of stunning golds and reds. However the western side of Silvermoon remains a broken ruin, inhabited by unfortunate Wretched.

Although the Blood Elves feed of fell energies and are a member of the Horde faction (usually considered the bad guys) they are not necessarily evil, simply desperate. Their race is barely recovering from the undead genocide, their addiction threatens what remains. Undead scourge continue to roam around their kingdom tainting what it can and attacking the few settlements outside of the capital Silvermoon. The Alliance (of which the elves were once a member) make war on the horde and the Blood Elves are not to be spared. The elves show little love for their allies, but their last experience of this was betrayal when the humans tried to kill their prince and soldiers for no good reason.

I love the Blood Elves’ lore, Blizzard tend to neglect them nowadays not even giving them an interesting leader. I hope however that this attitude will change in the future and the Blood Elves will receive a more prominent role.

They might be the pretty boys of the Horde but none can deny that these guys mean business.



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