A Dystopian Dream: Fallout Universe

Now lets be honest here, if you’re a fan of apocalyptic scenarios your gonna be a fan of Bethesda’s Fallout series.

Fallout is set in a fictional post apocalyptic world where civilization has been wiped out by a massive nuclear war between the world powers (namely China and the USA) The games thus far have been set in the post war wastelands of North America where the descendants of the survivors struggle to scratch out a living in the irradiated remnants of the US, not only struggling against basics like starvation but also against radiation, violent mutants, gangs and organisations vying for power over what little is left.

Gameplay aside one of the things that makes Fallout so brilliant is that Bethesda changed the history and culture of the world. Interestingly in the Fallout universe certain aspects of technology became more advanced than in reality whilst others have remained stagnant. Primarily US culture seems to have become stuck in the 1950s – art styles and posters almost look like something from WW2 – and there is the prevailing hatred of communism and 50s social attitudes. Even tuning into the radio will take you back with the music of Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter and Billie Holiday.

The game series has been fantastic so far and all we have seen is the wastelands of the US, I would like to see the series go further afield in the future. With the culture being so interesting in the post war US it would be great to see what it is like elsewhere in the Fallout universe. Of course this may only be because I’m British… but I would quite like a Fallout game set in Britain. In the same way that US culture got stuck in the 50s I think it would be fantastic to see a Fallout game set in a Britain stuck in 60s culture.

IMG: Sony

The contrast in the culture could make the game really exciting with factions that could reflect the old school conservatives, with opposing factions representing the hippy movement. The fashion would be fantastic, particularly with the wear and tear of nuclear war. I would also love to see the architecture, I imagine it would be vastly different to that of the American wasteland, the urban settlements would be considerably more intact in Britain with buildings largely made of stone, it would be especially cool if you came across a castle… Perhaps containing an Arthurian inspired gang!

At least one thing that would endear a none British audience is the accents, everybody loves a villain with a posh British accent!


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