Dossier: The Fans

holcatpetI’ve been to Narnia, Cyrodiil, Westeros & Middle Earth. I’ve crept through the streets of Cittàgazze, baked under the hot suns of Tatooine & gazed across the waters to Avalon. I’ve stood before the golden walls of Troy forged by Poseidon and Apollo and visited the dwarves of Orzammar below the surface where dark roads twist deep into the heart of the earth. I’ve fought Reapers, walked amongst the dead of Pelennor Fields and I head-butted a Krogan once. You too? Then I think we’re going to get along just fine.

I’m Holly, human-cyborg relations. I’m prone to tears of the fangirl kind & often find myself far too emotionally invested in fictional worlds & characters. This is my blog (which honestly feels incredibly self-indulgent) where I’ll be writing about my experiences of amazing stories.

WalderHankey Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat. Member of both the Console clans & PC Master Race (all hail Gaben). When I’m not swinging a sword or throwing an axe you’ll find me sniping Cerberus or hacking my way through waves of zombies. Of course, when that gets too much I like to command my vast legions across Europe and beyond or make pretty plantpots in Minecraft.

Hayden here and I’ll be writing about all of the above as well as a few opinions I’ve got about the wider video gaming world. Also keep your eyes peeled for a few history blogs… because yea, history is awesome!

Quo Usque Pro Roma Ibis?


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